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Criminal Defense

Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney

When charged with a crime, your freedom is on the line. It is important to have competent legal representation to advise you of your rights and defenses under Louisiana law. Criminal charges can have severe consequences, however options often exist that can reduce or eliminate a conviction, including pre-trial diversion, drug court and plea negotiations. At The Thrower Law Firm, we will listen to the facts of your case and take an aggressive approach to defending the charges against you.

We provide representation in the Baton Rouge area and surrounding parishes for a variety of criminal offenses, including:


Drug crimes (Misdemeanors and Felonies)

Property crimes

Domestic violence


All Misdemeanors (City and District Court)

When facing criminal charges, you have the right to remain silent…Use it, then contact The Thrower Law Firm to stand for your rights!